Why CMP Camps?

More than wrestling, we teach our kids what it takes to “TRANSCEND THE STATUS QUO” in all aspects of their lives. We truly believe in the building of character in our young men as much as we believe in improving their performance as athletes….Wrestling is just the venue we choose to do this in.



Our camps are nationwide and sure to be within a reasonable distance to wherever you are located within the continental United States.



Bringing a combined total of 84 years of experience, our camp technicians have competed and won at the highest levels of collegiate wrestling.



At CMP Camps, we employ not just the latest technique from around the world, but also technique that is structurally sound for all styles of wrestling.

Bring CMP Camps To Your School

Featured Camps

A list of our most featured and popular camps. For a full list of our camps, please visit our camp landing page.

Crab & Leg Camp

Imagine the feeling of being able to turn your opponent at will from multiple riding positions. Learn the crucial breakdowns and rides that will set up any turn with your legs or crab ride.

Neutral Attacks & Finishes

Trouble getting in on your shots? Getting to a leg and struggling to finish? Chalking it all up to not shooting deep enough or not having a set up is the common excuse. The attack and finishes camp takes an in-depth...

Scramble Camp

Have you ever felt helpless in the middle of a scramble? Would you like to always feel in control? IT’S NOT FUNK! Our CMP philosophy and approach to scrambling is that IT IS TECHNIQUE!

Satellite Camps

No matter where you are in the US we can come put on a camp at your club, middle school or high school. The beauty of our technical systems are they appeal to all ages skills and styles of wrestlers.