Chris MaClafferty | Youth Director

As a prep wrestler, Chris developed a unique style and made it his own to become very successful on the prep scene. Chris has since taken his great work ethic and unique approach and applied that to his coaching craft and communicating with the CMP youth on a grand scale. His communication, vibe and passion for our youth keeps them extremely engaged and excited throughout our training sessions. Chris also is training to be a license pharmacist while coaching full time at CMP but always making extra time for the kids.

Chris’s rapport with the athletes is like non other. Not only is he a great technician and understands the CMP systems in-depth he has a unique skill of identifying with our youth. Coach McClafferty not only has great patience with our youth, but communicates on a level they can understand and retain. He is a major component in our youth development and youth camp systems.

CliffChris Maclafferty