CMP Philosophy
The CMP Camp Philosophy was developed on the premiss of simplifying wrestling technique for maximum retention that can be taught in short amount of time. Our approach although in-depth from a technical standpoint is very simple from an teaching standpoint. In our case with camps simple is MORE. Focusing on a specific area of technique not only allows us to dive into great detail of each specific technical set but also allows us to teach strategies and tactics for each system.

Putting ourselves in the coach, parent or more importantly the WRESTLER’S shoes to imagine a summer camp where you get to choose the technique you learn. The peace of mind in knowing what your going to learn prior to the camp. Not showing up to multiple disjointed techniques that can’t be drilled in transition. Deliberate practice is one of the most important things in achieving mastery over a skill and what better way to do that than focus on a specific area, learn it inside and out. Then drill it tirelessly in a controlled environment.

Each system is designed to learn in building blocks with the simplest of skills drills. We then begin adding layers of technique on top of those skills through drilling and sparring. Once the group begins to understand and feel comfortable with the technique we begin to implement transitions and strategy in MATCHLIKE scenarios they will often experience in a competition. By camp’s end, it is our goal to have our campers leave with a detailed understanding of the technical positions and skills they were taught. Mastery does not happen in 1 day or 100 but the foundation to mastery we feel can be laid at our camps.

Our Core Values
The CMP Camp core values are the same as our training facility core values. Our #1 goal is to add positive value to our athletes lives through everything we do. This expands far beyond wrestling technique and competition. We feel the sport of wrestling is just a vehicle to build and mold our athletes to be the best individuals in their communities. Through the sport of wrestling we believe our athletes can prepare for all aspects of their life weather it be school, family and their professional career.

CliffCMP Philosophy