Lee Roper | System Architect

Relatively young in his coaching career by most standards Lee Roper is rapidly growing as one of the most respected technicians in the wrestling scene. After a winning several state titles in high school Lee competed for App State University in Boone, NC and was a 2 time NCAA qualifier for the mountaineers. His love and passion for coaching and developing athletes found him right back in the sport coaching and developing athletes on the highest levels right out of college. In a short time Coach Roper has done what most take a career to understand by coaching a vast array of individual styles, personalities and ages to have success at a high level.

Very few people in the coaching game have the vision and understanding of not only teaching and applying technique, but building structured systems to teach them. Lee Roper has built the CMP Camp Systems from the ground up through thousands of hours of video breakdown and simple trial and error on the mat. Architecting a system to teach complex and high level technique to all skill levels of kids in a very short amount of time is nothing short of remarkable. The CMP Camp foundation continues to evolve and grow under Lee’s vision and wisdom.

CliffLee Roper