Scramble Camp

Have you ever felt helpless in the middle of a scramble? Would you like to always feel in control?
IT’S NOT FUNK! Our CMP philosophy and approach to scrambling is that IT IS TECHNIQUE! We have targeted all the common scramble positions executed on the highest level and architected a technical system that will keep you calm and collected in any scramble situation. We DO NOT just teach rolling around and scrambling ONLY technique at these camps. We teach how to use scrambling as a tool to get back to an array of baseline defensive positions.
We will walk you through the fundamental technique and philosophy behind all scoring options from each position and counter attacks. In just a couple days you will be rolling and attacking scramble positions fearlessly. We also cover several common and high level scramble defense tactics and positions as well. Knowing these positions will not only allow our campers to defend a scramble attack, but be able to adjust their strategy in each scramble position.
The Compound’s unique teaching approach is a proven system to focus on one specific area in depth to teach any and all skill levels of wrestlers. “Attacking” base positions in a controlled technical environment over a condensed learning period produces high level results within days.
CliffScramble Camp