Thomas Kimbrell | System Planning

Thomas brings more young energy and fire to the CMP staff. Only a couple years removed from his college competitive career Thomas brings a crisp technical mind with just enough of that hard nose vibe to balance the room. Thomas was a successful prep wrestling winning a couple of state titles and wrestling for Cal State Bakersfield in CA for 5 years under Coach Kerr and the legendary Gerry Abas. Thomas bring a lot of knowledge into the CMP room for his age with a very analytical style of coaching. Coach Kimbrell’s understanding of technique progression and the timing of specific positions makes teaching the CMP technique system a very easy-to-learn product.

Knowing what technique to show when is something that coaches pull their hair out figuring out the ideal recipe for success. Showing a bunch of disjointed techniques not only hinders retention but just really doesn’t make sense. Weather its a short 2 day camp or week long team camp progression and sequence are vital! Thomas takes on the task of making sure all our technical progression sessions are streamlined so the athletes work understand them like puzzle pieces of wrestling moves.

CliffThomas Kimbrell